American Airlines Pilot Retirement

Legacy B Plan Investment Options

You had multiple options on what to do with your retirement assets with the 2013 termination of the B Plan. Each option has pros and cons that should continue to be reviewed in comparison with your personal goals. The two most common were an IRA rollover and a transfer to your Pilot 401(k).

Following the 2013 termination of the B plan, Cleary Gull has specially designed a GPS program, Guided Portfolio Service, in order to professionally manage your retirement assets in a rollover IRA.
Our GPS Services include:

  • Professional Portfolio Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Tolerance Profiling
  • Wealthcare Financial Plan
  • Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Quarterly Market Commentary
  • Online Account Access

Download our whitepaper on the comparison of an IRA versus the Pilot 401(k). If you think our GPS program would be a good fit for your needs, you can get started by filling out our application.

Call us at 877-747-1133 to discuss what option is best for you.

American Airlines Pre-Retirement Services

• Wealthcare Financial Planning
Asset Allocation / Risk Tolerance Profiling
• Quarterly Pilot 401(k) Guidance
• Pension Benefits Review
• Retirement Timeline Consultation

If you are looking for other wealth management advice, make sure to review our full list of services.

Complimentary Pilot 401(k) Guidance

One of the key components of your total retirement benefit package is your Pilot 401(k) Plan. Through this employer-sponsored plan, you’re accumulating tax-deferred assets for retirement*. How you choose to allocate those assets can make a great difference in your total portfolio return and account balance. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you maximize your 401(k) to help reach your retirement income goals.

We regularly evaluate changes in the markets, trends and overall economic environment and provide updates to our Pilot 401(k) recommendations. All you have to do is access your account and rebalance your portfolio according to the recommendations that we send to you.

To determine our recommendations for your asset allocation, please complete your online Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

American Airlines Pension Benefits Review

With the freeze of the A Plan and termination of the B Plan, understanding all of your benefits options before you retire is more important than ever.

We can help you analyze your A Plan annuity options to determine what is the right choice for you and your family?

  • Single Life
  • Joint & Survivor
  • Life & Guarantee
There are other options to consider to help you maximize your pension plan that can assist in providing lifetime spousal benefits in conjunction with your A Plan annuity.

American Airlines Retirement Timeline Consultation

As you begin to approach retirement, we can help you answer such important questions as:

  • What is your optimal retirement date?
  • How do you maximize your airline benefits?
  • How to design a retirement plan you won’t outlive?

Once you have determined the right plan for you, we will also provide guidance on transitioning into retirement.

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The ClearWealth® Confidential Questionnaire (CCQ) will help form the basis for your customized investment and retirement plan. By evaluating your investments, business interests, real estate, cash, income requirements, risk tolerance and other factors, we can offer a strategy that is best suited to your particular needs.

Complete your American Airlines CCQ, here.

Key Questions to Ask an Investment Advisor

Roundtable Discussions & Seminars

Roundtable Discussions:

The Roundtable Discussions are designed to assist you in planning for your retirement and are a good resource for your questions. Unlike seminars, they are informal and held in a more personal setting where your concerns drive the discussion. We encourage you to bring any questions or materials that you would like to go over in order to help you understand what your retirement will look like and how to begin creating a plan to get there. We will help answer these questions and suggest options to consider along the way. Breakfast or Lunch will be provided and they are always free to attend.


The seminars are a more formal, structured educational opportunity where we focus on the major challenges that you will encounter in your financial life as you prepare for retirement. Topics will range from pre-retirement planning, retirement planning, investments, family financial survivorship guidance to estate planning. We elaborate with detail in our presentation the challenges, benefits and potential solutions for creating a retirement plan to help you achieve the goals you want. All seminars are free to attend with breakfast or afternoon snack provided.

Spouses are welcome, but seating is limited in each of these meetings!

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*Cleary Gull does not provide legal or tax advice.